L. S. Engineering Corporation
L. S. Engineering Corporation
L. S. Engineering Corporation L. S. Engineering Corporation L. S. Engineering Corporation L. S. Engineering Corporation L. S. Engineering Corporation L. S. Engineering Corporation L. S. Engineering Corporation L. S. Engineering Corporation L. S. Engineering Corporation L. S. Engineering Corporation
L. S. Engineering Corporation L. S. Engineering Corporation L. S. Engineering Corporation L. S. Engineering Corporation
L. S. Engineering Corporation L. S. Engineering Corporation
The company is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of a wide range of casting moulding machines.
L. S. Engineering Corporation
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L. S. Engineering Corporation
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“We are the foundry men's favorite. That's right our product Foundry Moulding Machines is the foundry man's favorite. We execute each and every order as if it is our own. All our customers have expressed satisfaction and placed repeat orders. We as ex-employees of " Nesterwork. We as ex-employees have a great heritage derived from one of India's foremost foundry equipments manufacturer “Westerwork” which brings something unique to the fields of foundry moulding technology. With our new refreshing approach, we have managed to carve a niche in the field of foundry engineering. L.S. Engineering Corporation is dynamic and passionate about moulding methods. We manufacture semi automatic moulding machines, casting and moulding machines. As our customer's needs continue to change we are committed to innovate and keep in step. We dare to be different and adapt latest innovations from the field of Pneumatics into our product. We look for new opportunities for development to reshape and drive our product forward.

L.S. Engineering Corporation made its beginning after the closure of operations of Westerwork in 1990. In a very short period of existence, apart from selling machines in almost all the states of India, managed to secure and export to South East Asian Countries like Burma, Bangladesh and Malaysia etc. LSEC also managed to appoint well-experienced representatives in Delhi, Kolkata, Coimbatore and Rajkot who through their dedicated efforts managed to cater successfully develop and maintain relationship with customers of their territory.

Our Vision

"LSEC longs to be recognized as a leader in providing reliable moulding technology and deliver consistent returns to its customers through our reliable products."

The genesis of LSEC is based on the meeting of minds of two individuals Mr. John Xavier and Mr. Sukhdeo Singh Soor both Senior Engineers of Westerwork a pioneer in the field of automatic moulding machine in India in collaboration with British Moulding Machines, England. On closure of Westerwork, these individuals came together using their experience and competency set up LSEC by hiring experienced workmen from the now defunct Westerwork. Today with dedicated efforts of the entire team comprising of people at various levels who have decades of experience in the field of machine building, LSEC has managed to gain recognition in the industry. Our products are designed to meet your changing requirements and incorporates the latest technology to keep in pace with the ever changing scenario.

We manufacture casting and moulding equipment, semi automatic moulding equipment, semi automatic moulding machine, fully automatic simultaneous jolt squeeze moulding machines, casting and moulding machines and semi automatic moulding machines with two options i.e. control panel operated and hand lever valve operated. The control panel has logic systems for sequence delay controlled through imported pneumatic timers. The sequence of operations i.e. Pre-Jolting, Simultaneous Jolt Squeeze Arm movement, Draw operation, Duration of Vibrator etc. can be preset to suit the product to be cast.

Efficiency : Our Semi Automatic machines can produce a mould in 30 seconds and Fully Automatic Simultaneous Jolt Squeeze machine can be set from 20 seconds onwards.

Durability : Our machines are very sturdy made from C.I. Casting grade FG 260, S.G. Iron and Steel Casting. Critical components like Jolt Piston, Jolt Cylinder, Vibrators, Draw Arms etc. are made of S.G. Iron and Steel Casting.

Cost Effective : Spares are easily available. Spares are cheaper for Simultaneous Jolt Squeeze models, Installation cost is negligible as foundation pits are not required. Automation saves labor. Ultimately our lower prices mean you can stretch your budget even further.


Using our machines means you can be assured of quality products, without any breakdown due to faulty material or workmanship. Critical components are ground / honed to H8 tolerances. Quality check is carried out at every stage till final assembly and testing.

"Our Quality Assurance is the best as BHEL has also been added to our clientele list by having Jolting & Squeezing Machine."


Our infrastructure is equipped with advanced machines & fabrication facility for rapid production. Manned by a team of dedicated engineers, we offers semi automatic moulding machines, new and unique foundry machines and casting and moulding equipment for customers, who look for high-tech foundry equipment. Our CAD team is equipped for the continuous product improvement and new machine development. Modern machines, latest technology and years of cumulative experience forms the base of our infrastructure. Our strong infrastructure backs us to meet the rising demand for foundry systems / machines in Indian & International markets. And it provides us the impetus to develop the most economical and best machinery for the foundries around the world.

Post Sale Service

We offer continuous back up service and our service charges are very nominal. We train your workmen to carry out routine maintenance; this saves to eliminate major breakdowns.


Comparatively our design is very simple and maintenance friendly. The entire machine can be stripped and reassembled in a single day. The foundation pits are avoided in our Simultaneous Jolt Squeeze models and the entire machine inclusive of the draw assembly fits above the ground level making it very easy and convenient for maintenance. Moreover the floor space for installation occupied by our machines is much lesser allowing you to utilize space for other purposes.
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